The uneven development of different countries is a result of historical reasons. These reasons are many and have varied effects on the state of different countries.

We can see that in many cases, developed countries have benefitted from this uneven development while developing nations have not benefited as much. In particular, the Western world has benefited from the process of uneven development.

In addition, there are also some factors that influence this process such as religion and colonialism which were two main factors for shaping most parts of the world.

Historically, the uneven development of societies has been due to the difference in power among the people. In recent times, we have seen that while some countries have developed economically, others have failed to do so.

There are many causes for this uneven development of societies. Some of these are:

– Inadequate infrastructure and resources

– Unstable political systems and weak institutions

– The role of gender equality in society.

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