Untouchable Comedy Real name, Net worth, Bio, Age, Spouse, Twin, Cars, House, Instagram, Facebook and others facts

Nigerians continue to dominate the worldwide entertainment industry, with comedy still one of the genres for which Nigeria is known internationally.

Untouchable Biography

Chibuike Gabriel, better known as Untouchable Comedy, is one of the comics making headway in the business. He was raised in the eastern region of Nigeria and was born in the 1990s. He frequently posts excellent and hilarious sketches on social media.

Millions of admirers and followers all around the country have become devoted to him thanks to the Untouchable Comedy sketches. He has millions Facebook fans and 70,000 going to 100,000 and more Instagram followers as a result of his excellent sketches.

Untouchable Comedy has made a name for himself by performing as a master of ceremonies frequently. He completed his university studies earlier this year after earning his senior secondary school diploma and first school leaving diploma in the country’s southeast.

Untouchable Facts

Birth Name: Chibuike Gabriel

Known as: Untouchable

Date Of Birth: July 8,1995

State Of Origin: Enugu State

Nationality: Nigerian

Parents: Mr.& Mrs. Ugwu

Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Pranks Star

Net Worth: $700,000

Untouchable Education

In Enugu State, Untouchable began his primary and secondary studies. After earning his elementary and secondary school certificate, he continued by moving on to university, where he eventually bagged his degree in January 2022.

Untouchable Career

He started a career in 2017, but it did not take off. But he put a lot of effort into getting to where he is now.

Untouchable Comedy has established a reputation for being among Nigeria’s internet comedians with the most online interaction.

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As much as the skit creator has won Nigerians over with his captivating and incredibly amusing films, his humanitarian work has made him far more well-known and adored.

He stands out among his business colleagues thanks to his humanitarian nature. He shares, recognizes, and shows care for the underprivileged, as he has done on several occasions.

Untouchable Comedy shoots on the streets and utilizes them as a platform to find the next person to benefit from his generosity; in order to achieve this, he has had to fly from Lagos to the states of Enugu and Cross River in order to give money to individuals in need.

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Untouchable Family

Untouchable was born into the Enugu State family of Mr. and Mrs. Ugwu. He is the last child to be born into his parents’ family. He also has a twin brother, two older sisters, and an older brother.

Untouchable Twin Brother

Twins of untouchable humor are born. Known for his Untouchable humour, Chibuke Gabriel has a twin brother named Ugwu Emmanuel. He holds a degree from the Nigerian university.

Untouchable comedy Styles

Untouchable Comedy has performed various types of pranks on people, including electric phone pranks, loyalty pranks, and juju pranks. He has also pretended to be insane to attract help, or dressed indigently to look like someone in need of assistance, and anyone who assists him will receive gifts such as cash, phones, food or electronic items.

His comedy are both enjoyable and educative. The content’s creator (Untouchable comedy) is Eastern by birth and upbringing and frequently appears in his short comedy videos dressed as a local native doctor.

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In some of his comedy video pranky, he would purposely drop money to see who will pick it up and give it to him or call him back to return the money,  anyone who return the money will be reward while he will collected the money from anyone who lies that he or she don’t see any money without any reward.

Untouchable Net Worth

Untouchable Comedy worked arduously in the Nigerian comedy scene to become what he is today. He is well-known as one of the most powerful and wealthy comedians in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Untouchable Car

Untouchable Comedy, whose real name is Chibuike Gabriel, has amassed a sizable fortune with the occupation he chose. On May 29, 2022, Untouchable revealed the purchase of a brand-new Toyota automobile on his social media accounts.

Untouchable Award

Chibuike Gabriel, better known as Untouchable Comedy is an award winning comedian. He won the humanitarian award on 18 September in 2022.

Untouchable Social media

Knowing the untouchable username on his accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will no doubt make you pleased. Untouchable is one of the most gifted comedians we have in Nigeria, and he also has a heart of gold when it comes to helping those in need.


Untouchable has a ton of new, brief amusing and illuminating videos available on Instagram. He is one of the Nigerian comedians that often updates his Instagram followers, so if you want to join the untouchable comedy enthusiasts, be sure to follow him at @Untouchable_Comediess.

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On Instagram, Untouchable frequently posts new, simple videos that are both entertaining and educational. If you wish to join the Untouchable Comedy followers on Facebook, make sure to follow him on Facebook at @Untouchable_Comedies. He is one of the Nigerian comedians with a sizable following and frequently updates his Facebook followers.

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