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In a podcast, what questions can you ask author?

The best question to ask an author is what they’re working on next. If you’re looking for advice on how to become an author, show the person your own work so they can offer suggestions. Ask them if there’s anything specific you should do before publishing your book or launching your company. Ask the author if they’ll be reading at your event or hosting a workshop.

The authors of this article recommend you to ask the following questions when listening to podcasts:

– How did you come up with your story idea?

– What is your favorite part of the story?

– What are the challenges in creating this novel?

– Was there an event or moment that inspired you to write this novel?

You can also ask some other general questions like “How did you become an author?” or “Is there anything that really inspires your work?”

Other Questions

As an author, it is important to understand what the interviewer wants to know about the book. The questions below are some of the most common questions that can be asked in a podcast.

1. What is the story about and why did you decide to write this book?

2. What is your writing process like and how long did it take you?

3. How has writing changed your life and what advice do you have for aspiring writers?

4. What’s one thing that surprised or shocked you as a reader of this book, and why?

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