How to get to Ilasamaja from Oshodi

Hello! Do you intend to get to Ilasamaja from Oshodi ?. If yes, that should not be a issue or source of concern to you. We are here to help you to get to your destination in away that will make you happy and ease your stress.

I will give you quick without any delay description of how to find your way to Ilasamaja  from Oshodi but before that all you need for the journey is listed below.

All You Need To Do:

• Get yourself ready for the journey.

• Hold or keep the money for the transport fee or to buy something’s on your way.

• Get nose Mask to get yourself protected from dust or virus.

• Be ready to ask people passing by if you feel confuse.

• Be watchful not to pass your destination.

How to get to Ilasamaja from Oshodi

First thing to do is to walk to Oshodi Isale Bus Stop. After that wave down Danfo (usually a Yellow Bus) from Oshodi Isale Bus Stop or ask the people passing by, tell them you’re going to Ejigbo Bus Stop. When you get into the bus tell the driver you will get down at Isolo Bus Stop .

Danfo Cost: ₦150 – ₦200


Wave down another Danfo(a yellow bus) from Isolo Bus Stop or ask the people passing by tell them you’re going to Ago Last Bus Stop Okota. when your bus get to Balogun Bus Stop Ilasamaja get down at Balogun Ilasamaja.

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Danfo Cost: ₦100

You are already home, all you need to do is to Walk to your destination.

Total Estimate: ₦250 – ₦300

The Total Time spent will 21Mins while distance will be 10kilometres, it’s possible you use more than that time due to traffic.

This is not a trek that you should attempt; instead, I recommend that you use a bus or tricycle.

If you are in a hurry and believe you will be able to complete the route in a matter of seconds, the usage of a rocket or plane may be an option.

Dear, hope you aware that you’re in the city, you should be aware if you’re not and courteous to the driver and conductor.

If you are unsure about this description, please leave a comments and we will see what we can do to assist you.

Note that,

The cost price may not be the same due to what is happening in Nigeria generally about the increase in Petrol price and other things like that, so you have to behave to cooperate with the person picking you up to your destination. Hope the given descriptions from where you are to where you are going is helpful?, wish you safe journey.

Because of what is occurring in Nigeria generally concerning the increase in Petro price and other things like that, the cost price may not be the same, thus you must behave to collaborate with the person picking you up to your destination. I hope the details provided from where you are to where you are heading are helpful? I wish you a safe trip.

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Put it on for Me

For whom do you put on a mask? Consider the people you love and want to protect. Put your mask on.

If you’re not going to wear a mask for yourself, wear one for your mother or a mother figure. Yes, put it on for her. Spread the message rather than the virus.

If it may sweet you to know What exactly is a nose mask?

The 3 Ply Disposable Nose Mask is commonly used to guard against allergies, bacteria, dust, chemicals, and other airborne ailments. They are also worn by medical personnel during operations and other medical procedures.

Benefits of wearing nose mask

The Nose Mask mask decreases the amount of germs that the wearer breaths in, saving the wearer from becoming ill. If you leave your nostrils open, you’re inhaling in more particles from the air around you, increasing your chances of contracting a virus.

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