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This blog post will teach you how with tips from Nigerian millionaires themselves!

In Nigeria, most people don’t live the lives they want to. They work hard and earn a living but cannot get ahead due to low wages, high interest rates on loans, lower than average credit scores for getting bank loans and personal mortgages, and so many other reasons.

There is no need to suffer any longer though because there are ways that you can become a millionaire in Nigeria.

Tips to becoming a millionaire in Nigeria:

— Create your own business or establish ventures with friends.

— Start saving and investing as early as possible for the best returns on investment.

— Get into real estate, either by owning property yourself or partnering with someone who has experience working within this sector.

— Diversify your assets and for example invest in stocks, bonds or commodities.

— Avoid risky investments, such as gambling or speculating on the same stock over a period of time with the hope that it will increase in price (often called “day trading” or penny speculation).

Millionaire Nigerian millionaires say you should:

— Start a business that you know about and have the passion for, rather than trying to chase someone else’s success with something unrelated.

— Invest in what you are passionate about because then your investments will be more likely to succeed.

— Keep adding value to your life by acquiring new skills, reading books on topics of  interest, taking courses or seminars on new skills that interest you.

— Develop a personal strategy for investing in yourself and your future success.

— Start an internet business to sell products online at ecommerce sites like eBay or Amazon.

Famous Nigerians on becoming millionaire:

Ikechukwu Enero – “Focus on what is most important to you, not just the money.”

Tony Elumelu – “What separates those who  are successful from those who are not is that they know what they want.”

Obi Nwaukor – “Money will never make you happy, but it can help if your goal in life is to be rich. So don’t be poor and unhappy!”

Many Nigerians have dreams of becoming a millionaire and the question that is always on their minds is “what can I invest on to become a millionaire?” One common answer is real estate, but what about stock market or oil & gas?

What To Invest On To Become Millionaire In Nigeria

One Nigerian financial expert advises against investing in stocks because of the possible risk. But some people have found success with their investments and succeeded at becoming millionaires, so it is still worth a try if you are confident about what you’re doing. You can invest on building stocks or oil & gas for example. It all depends on your long-term  goals and what you’re willing to risk.

Real estate:

If you are willing to make your first million dollar investment, then real estate is the way to go. You can invest a good sum of money in a property and wait for its value to rise. by investing in property, it is possible for many Nigerians to become millionaires within the span of a year or two without even knowing they were doing so. Buying properties at low price then selling them after just one year can result in a six-figure profit which will make you a millionaire.

Stock market:

If you want to invest in stocks, then it’s important that you research the company and also understand what your long-term goals are before investing any money. You should only go for investment opportunities where they have high chances of success because there is no point in risking all your savings or borrowing more money when you can’t afford to do so.

Oil & Gas:

You have the opportunity of becoming a millionaire by investing in oil if you are able to invest $20,000 and wait for at least one year before selling your stake in it. You will end up being worth more than $500 million after waiting any longer than that period.


If you’re looking to get rich in Nigeria, this article is for you. We have given some useful tips that will help make your dream a reality. You can also share this post with friends and family who are interested in the topic of how to become millionaires in Nigeria. But before we end our discussion here, let me remind you one thing – always be cautious when it comes to investing because there are no shortcuts! I hope these few Nigerian millionaire success stories were helpful and insightful for you today; stay tuned as we explore more topics on wealth building soon!

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